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This looks like it could be tasty http://www.fourpoundsflour.com/cocktail-hour-apple-toddy/

Aliens arrive, making first contact! They're even humanoid, Oxygen breathers, and friendly. They have mouths and ears and want to learn our languages. But the Aliens' race name for themselves is pronounced "Fuckheads" (or something equally rude).

I'm sure the press & government groups would try something to gloss over the problem, like writing it "Phukheds". But still, could you imagine the snickering?


Walking home the other night, listening to Sleep's cover of Snowblind, and thinking about Order of the Stick and Table Titans, I had a D&D idea.

Planeshift/alternate D&D world, where all monster alignments are Good/Evil reversed. It's probably been done before, but I think it would be interesting. Good orcs! Evil elves (except the Drow)! It's a little harder to apply to classes, though -- I can imagine Lawful Evil Paladins, but Good Assassins? Might just keep class alignments intact.

I thought about reversing Law/Chaos as well, but that makes less sense. It's easier to keep that as-is.

If not more. When did humans begin hurling spears?

So yesterday I just found out about Jason Reitman's Live Reads, in which he picks a famous movie's script, and has a bunch of (other) famous actors come in, sit on a stage, and do a read through. (Some reviews: The Princess Bride The Big Lebowski Reservoir Dogs)

I thought this was cool and very clever.

Tonight though, I had an idea. I have theatrically-minded friends. Plenty of famous movies have scripts floating about the Internet. Why not put 1+2 together, and at some upcoming party, do our own read through of some movie?

Sorry I've been neglecting you.

As usually, I've still been reading, and lurking, but not posting.

How's with you?

I'm back.

This week I'm going to cover some of the comics I read regularly.

Today I'll cover some of the "oldies", web comics that have been around for over 10 years. (I swear, it seems weird typing that.)

Sluggy Freelance. At 15 years old, this is almost the granddaddy of webcomics. I'm not sure how accessible it is to anyone who hasn't been reading it for years, and as a whole, it is a huge, rambling thing, with sidetrack stories and its own involved mythology. Still I enjoy reading it.

Sinfest. Probably the most professional looking of this bunch, and the strip that 90% of the time you could imagine running in newspaper syndication (remember those days?)

Something Positive. Very much a character driven comic, that takes place in something vaguely like the real world. Sarcastic, funny, sometimes bitter, but strangely upbeat much of the time. It also has a huge number of secondary characters that have drifted in and out of the comic over the years.

The Devil's Panties. "Not Satanic Porn". This is a bit different than the others, being a largely autobiographical comic, though with things exaggerated for humour value. It naturally centers around the life of the author, Jennie Breeden.


Basic Mechanisms In Fire Control Computers Mechanical Computers are nifty.

Satellite Images of the CIA's Secret Bin Laden Training Facility It's pretty neat that someone was able to find this on Bing maps, and recognize it for what it was.

9 Layer Density Tower A nifty science example.

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